Swap your gold jewellery

Recycling your gold jewellery minimises the reliance on mining and allows you to donate to a worthwhile initiative.


Accept your swap offer

Within your swap offer email, you’ll be able to nominate your donation amount to go towards the cause you care about.



Your jewellery’s value turns into a charitable cash donation and you’ll receive a tax deductible receipt for your generosity. The remainder goes on a digital VISA card for you to use anywhere that accepts VISA.

Every year, Women’s Legal Service Queensland provides 40,000 services to women and their children who have been impacted by domestic violence – but still 30% of calls to their helpline cannot be answered. As Queensland’s only state-wide community legal centre providing free legal and social work services to women, their goal is to ensure that all women are safe from violence and receive fair and just outcomes from legal, economic and social systems.

Less clutter, more impact.

Giltfree has partnered with Women’s Legal Service Queensland in their mission to provide free legal and social work services to women in family law, domestic and family violence and child protection matters. By recycling your gold jewellery with Giltfree, your jewellery’s value turns into a cash donation and helps their mission to support women throughout Queensland.

Order a free Swap Kit.

Mail your gold jewellery to Giltfree to learn what it’s worth. Our transparent and thorough testing process determines your jewellery’s true gold content. 


You can choose to donate a portion (or all) of your jewellery’s value directly to Women’s Legal Service Queensland for which you will receive a tax deductible receipt. 

Start shopping with VISA.

Receive the balance of your swap offer on a digital VISA card, loaded to your Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet. 

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Easy to swap

Order a Giltfree Swap Kit to get started and we will stay in touch with you every step of the way.


Easy to donate

Your jewellery’s value turns into a cash donation that goes directly to a cause you care about.


A better planet for everyone

Recycling your jewellery helps the planet by minimising the need for gold mining.

Good for people, good for the planet.

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More of the thrill, less of the footprint.

Recycling just one gold ring saves 20 tonnes of mining waste.

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