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Mailing In

Every Swap Kit and tracking number is unique to you! In addition to identifying by name and address, we can tell it’s your parcel from the tracking number and parcel number on the label. As soon as your parcel arrives we will be in touch with you.

Giltfree Swap Kits are registered with signature on delivery and insured for up to $500 on their way back to us. We will keep track of its progress, however if you have noticed that your parcel is taking longer than expected, contact us and we’ll help. 

Yes, we insure every return parcel and are confident in the safety provided by our delivery partners Australia Post. In addition to this, your provided return satchel is plain and non-descript to ensure the best possible discretion and you will receive return parcel tracking. Giltfree Concierge is also always at your service via email or call if you would like to get in touch about any concerns you may have – we are always happy to help.

Your return Swap Kit will expire after 3 months if it remains unused. You can use your tracking portal to check if your Swap Kit is expired if you are unsure. If your Swap Kit expires & you would like a new one, you are more than welcome to contact Giltfree Concierge for a new label or you can order a replacement.


We’ll send you a swap offer via email within three working days from the date we’ve received your jewellery.

No worries! You’ll have the option to decline and have your jewellery returned free of charge.

After you accept your swap, we prepare your Digital VISA reward! You will receive a text message notifying you to download your card. Simply follow the prompts to download it to your Apple Pay wallet or Google Pay wallet.

Once a swap has been accepted, your goods will be sent to our recycling facility and cannot be recovered – so make sure you’re happy to swap!

Digital VISA card

You can use your digital VISA Debit card anywhere that accepts VISA online and in-store. This gives you the freedom to spend your reward at any of our participating retailers!

Ensure to consult the Giltfree Impact Widget how-to guide for troubleshooting guidance. If you still require assistance you can contact our business support team for help.

If you would prefer a physical card, we have an EFTPOS card option for you. This can be used anywhere EFTPOS is accepted in-store. Request an EFTPOS card here and we will prepare it for you. We will mail your EFTPOS card to you and load it remotely. EFTPOS cards are ready to use within two business days. We’ll be in touch every step of the way.

If you don’t have a compatible smartphone, we are more than happy to provide
you with a physical EFTPOS card. EFTPOS cards can be used anywhere within
Australia that accepts EFTPOS in-store. If you are interested in requesting an
EFTPOS card, you can request one here.


You will need your driving license or passport on hand and a mobile phone to take your video selfie. The whole process takes less than 1 minutes to complete and we’ll keep you informed on your progress.

Once you have completed your ID verification, it can take up to 1 hour for it to register in our system. Once it has registered, your status in your tracking portal will update and we will email you and confirm it was successful!

Gold Testing

We happily include natural stones in our appraisal. Their value will be determined by colour, cut, clarity, size and most importantly, recyclability. Some gemstones and cuts may not survive the extraction process – this is factored into our final offer to you. If you do wish to hold onto your gemstones, we recommend hiring a jeweller to remove them before you swap your jewellery. We’ll happily accept the gold elements that remain once they are removed.

We don’t accept any silver or gold-plated jewellery. Presently, we only credit for jewellery items that are solid gold.

Solid gold items are usually hallmarked. Hallmarks are stamps that signify gold purity – look closely, they’re teeny! If your jewellery doesn’t have any hallmarks but you’re intrigued to learn if your item is solid gold, we recommend emailing us a photo at concierge@giltfree.com.au so we can take a look.

If none of your jewellery is gold, we’ll return your goods to you free of charge. If some of your jewellery is gold but not all, we’ll credit you for the gold jewellery and we’ll recycle the non-gold pieces that we’re unable to credit for. Any non-gold items you submit will be classified as ‘base metal’ in your results.

No, not at all! We use an X-RAY machine to measure the gold purity of your jewellery so they stay in good condition.


The gold from your swap is recycled at our facility where it is melted down and put back into the world’s gold supply.

Research from the Smithsonian Institute shows that recycling just one gold ring saves 20 tonnes of mining waste. We created a formula from this research to count the mining waste we’ve saved and to help us track our impact along the way.

Circularity means to increase the lifecycle of products and materials by adding them back into supply chains rather than disposing of them after use. In the gold industry, circularity is crucial because of the damaging way in which gold is mined. Gold mines release toxic waste which enters the surrounding soil and water streams risking the environment and health of communities. We can recycle the gold that has already been mined and place it back into the world’s gold supply increasing gold’s circularity.

Mining gold takes a lot of resources and creates large amounts of mining waste. For every 10 ounces of gold extracted, gold miners go through around 100 tonnes of ore. The waste created from extracting such a small amount of gold gets mixed into the soil and enters surrounding water streams. This waste pollutes ecosystems and disrupts pristine environments. As it pollutes the water it can endanger the health of communities by contaminating drinking water.

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